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Scooty Puff Jr, Small Fixes

Poor Scooty, it’s been sitting back and hiding under a tarp for a while now. I finally got a chance to carry out some of the work I needed to do.

One of the main things I needed to do was to fit a hose from the frame air intake to the engine shroud, to keep the engine cool. The old original ones are notorious for falling to bits and going missing.

This is where it should be

From the hose clamp on the pipe, to the hole in the shroud. Without this the engine gets no air rammed into the housing to cool it down. Extended high rpm runs without it generate a lot of heat.

I heard on another forum from another SJ owner that the flexi part of a cheap funnel from Supercheap Auto fit perfectly. So the other day I purchased one

Trim the end off it, and bam, it fits. You do have to remove the hose clamps off both the pipe and the cooling shroud (which is a REAL pain, as there is piss all space to get the hose clamp off the shroud), but after that its a push fit. I used some duct tape to keep it in place, but it really holds itself there anyway.

Another item that needed some work was my leaking fuel petcock. It worked OK, but had a habit of not correctly shutting off and pouring fuel everywhere. Not ideal.

This beast sits up under the seat. It has a vacuum line, two fuel lines and a vent line running to it.

Easy enough to replace. One nut to remove, pour fuel on the ground, and swap the hoses to the new part. Bolt it back in, and its done.

Because I’m nosy and I wanted to play, I removed the variator cover and had a look at the drive belt, variator (on the left) and clutch (on the right)

Nothing too exciting, all looks stock and boring. No surprises really.

Moving along, I make a mess and stripped the rear plastics off to see if I could work out why the fuel gauge doesn’t work

Unfortunately it was all plugged in, the wiring looked good, but I still couldn’t get it working. Oh well, it’s easy enough to check the fuel level manually.

The last major thing I needed to do, was to replace the speedo cable and try to get the speedo working.

I stripped the front plastics off to gain access

Disconnected the cable from the hub and speedo

And used the old cable, and some more duct tape, to feed the new cable through. I taped the new cable to the end of the old one. The old cable had no inner. Who knows where it went….

Unfortunately the speedo still doesn’t work. If I spin the inner by hand the gauge goes up OK, but there is nothing in the hub to actually drive the cable. No idea where that’s gone either 😞

Once it was all back together I decided to go for a hoon. I took it for its longest run since I got it, and found that although its OK around the suburb, it’s completely lacking the balls needed to actually climbs the hills it needs to. It rides pretty well, hit a GPS 60kph down hill with a tail wind, but up hill it just struggles.

I’m not a small guy, so the combo of my weight plus 49ccs, just isn’t enough. I’ll probably look to sell this scooter on, get my learner’s bike license, and then get either a higher capacity scooter or a small motorbike. In the meantime, I’ll keep terrorising the neighbourhood with my two-stroke fury.

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2 months ago

kia ora just got a quick question, im having a problem with my sj50qt i dont know where any of the lines go fuel, vacuum, etc any chance you could help me out