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Project Snicket, Good Bye Little Friend

Well today has been somewhat bitter-sweet. Little Snicket has been moved onto a new owner.

It was inevitable that I would sell the car, and the biggest factor was that since getting it road legal over a month ago, I have driven the car about 3 times. The Honda does all the daily work, and the BMW does all the other weekend work (its summer, I’m a big fan of air conditioning, which the Mini didn’t have).

It wasn’t fair to Snicket to just sit outside, in all weather, not being driven.

I’m sad to see it go, it was a cool little car and I put so much work into it, but the young guy that bought it is real into old cars, and is looking forward to enjoying actually using the Mini. His ownership is a trial by fire though, since right now he is on a ferry and about to drive the car back to Christchurch, over 400KM away! Easily the longest drive the car has made in at least 4-5 years, if not longer. Oh well, good bonding with the car I guess, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

In order to get Snicket ready for the sale today, (I’m embarrassed to say) I gave it the first clean since I bought it. Actually came up pretty well. It’s a shame I never got around to polishing the paint as I think it would have come up pretty well. Even the Honda got a wash, and that was WELL overdue for one (oops).

After the wash my Wife and I cleaned all the windows, and noticed a tiny little baby praying mantis chilling on the roof. Somehow it hung on despite me earlier washing the car with some vigor, and lots of water. It turns out we forgot about the little guy and when we got back from a quick drive to fill the tank, sure enough it was still hanging onto the roof!

I thought I should relocate it to the garden, but not before it gave me a fist bump and explored my hand

So that’s the end of this journey. Snicket has gone to a new home where it should get more use, and my hard work can be enjoyed. I’m just glad I saved it and put it back on the road instead of it ending up in a crusher and being reincarnated as a Chery or Ssangyong.

In other news, not much else has been happening (hence the lack of posts. Its our busy period at work, so been flat-out). The wagon has been *touches wood* reliable, and in regular use, including hauling some slabs of wood to build a raised garden; but even that is on borrowed time, as all going well it should be with its new owner and on a trip up to Auckland this Saturday.

This week is all go, and it’s about to get more interesting, as the replacement for the wagon will be with me on Saturday too. Keep an eye out.

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