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TVR Tasmin, Final Push & British Car Day 2020

Time ran out. The Diff went in on the Thursday, Sunday was the show. Since we were back together and running, all that was left was a final push to get the car looking as good as it should.

The first thing I needed to do was wash the car. I’m ashamed to admit that for the six months I have owned the car, I’ve never cleaned it. Not once, so it was still covered in the muck from sitting around for a couple of years, and from the trip down on the back of a truck. Oops.

So with that in mind, after work Friday I pulled the car out of the garage and into the steep driveway for a wash. The paint came up well, but I noticed the front end felt pretty rough (its the original paint, the rear was painted after bit of a shunt years ago), so out came my CarPro clay towel to remove the contaminants on the paint. The clay towel worked great, the paint is nice and slick now. After a quick dry, I left the car overnight, ready to start with the machine polish.

Saturday was machine polish day. The whole front of the car was cloudy and dull with almost no shine. The rear was better, but still needed some attention.

This is what I was working with

Flat as anything.

A quick test spot using my favourite combo of a green Hexlogic pad and Ultimate Compound showed promise though

It took a bit of work, but it was cutting through the oxidation and bringing the metallic silver paint back.

Unfortunately, the paint isn’t great (although it is 40 years old now!). There is this large patch in the bonnet where the paint is discoloured

And a couple of similar spots on the sides behind the front wheels. Strangely I did find a shadow behind the front wheels of where a TVR sticker would have been on each side

The paint isn’t perfect but for a 40 year old car I think it’s doing OK. It shined up well and is showing a lot more gloss and flake now.

Oh, guess what showed up whilst I was polishing the car… the bloody braided lines. Only two days too late.

The real test was on Sunday when she was unveiled at the British and Euro Car Day show. This is the third time I have brought a car to one of these shows. I like to try and bring something special each year if I can.

British Car Day doesn’t often have many TVRs. At most there tends to be one lonely TVR sitting off to the side, or bundled in with another group (that’s where I found the 350i wedge back in 2016). This year, the lone TVR found a friend. Sadly there was a (not so) Mini between us, but I parked up nearby this lovely looking Griffith.

This thing makes the Wedge look massive!

The Wedge looked great out in the sun, and a lot of people were showing an interest in it. Kids especially seem attracted to its sweet 80s style

The TVR was in good company too. The turnout at the show was good, although I’m not so fussed on all the new euro stuff clogging up the field.

There was another TVR with weird doors that seemed to get all the attention

A Morgan with gorgeous paint

This cute little Auto Union DKW

An awesome looking Renault Alpine that was parked next to some garish red and yellow things

Plenty of Fords were in attendance

Including this sleeper with a Lotus twin cam engine

Of course, the Porsche crowed had a decent turnout. Most of it was boring to me, except for these two which stood out

And I was starting to get worried, but eventually, a lone SD1 arrived. This one has been at the show before, but good to see it again, out and about

Anyway, enough of that, back to the Wedge. After we left the show we went for a bit of a hoon to see if there was anywhere nearby that was an interesting spot to take photos. We found this old Ministry of Defence building down a back road

That wasn’t the end of the car being out and about this week. It was a lovely evening the other day, so since I had a fully road legal TVR, we took it out for the longest run since I’ve had it. It was about a 60km round trip, which uncovered a few things about the car.

Firstly, it’s surprisingly comfortable and easy to drive. It loves taking sweeping curves at speed, and makes some great pops and bangs on deceleration. The brakes have a nice firm feel to them now with no shudder.

Unfortunately its not all roses. There is an annoying misfire at low RPM cruise. I think it’s possibly the ignition system playing up a bit, or it could be running a bit lean at cruise. The only other real issues are the steering being super heavy at low speeds, and the exhaust is excessively loud to the point of being annoying. Nothing too major.

I did get some photos in the sunset though

There is still work to be done, but in the meantime, I think I will just enjoy being able to jump into the car, fire up the V6, and take it for a drive. I have spent so much time working on the car that I haven’t had a chance to enjoy and bond with the car, it gets tiresome sometimes.

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