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Project Rolla, Inner CV Boot Replacement

As part of the manual conversion, we noticed that the inner CV boot on one side was cracked and leaking. Since it’d never be easier to do, I did it.

The inner CV boot is the easier of the two, so thankfully it’s the inner that has failed on mine.

You can see the grease starting to leak out here, between the boot and the cup.

And the rubber splitting on the other end with more weeping

Next cut the clamps off and pull the cup off the end.

The grease appeared ok. Plenty of it and clean, so I opted to leave the cup full and just clean off what I needed to in order to disassemble. To get the spider assembly off you need to first remove the circlip. I used circlip pliers to do this.

And then the spider assembly should slide off. Mine was a bit tight so needed a couple of taps with a hammer.

Remove the boot and fit the replacement with the clamp loosely in place. Slip the spider assembly back on the shaft, taking note that it has to be fitted a certain way around so that the splines clear. It should slip on with minimal effort. Refit the circlip, pack the boot with grease and install the cup.

Using a CV clamp tool, wind the clamp nice and tight, bend it over and snip it off. Hammer the tabs over and you’re done.

Easy to do with the correct tools. Best to replace boots before the grease disappears as it did in the R53 and ruins the CV joint.

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