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Project Snicket, Reassembling the Interior

Having repaired the Drivers seat, I needed to carry out some more work to get it back into the car again.

The first issue I had to fix was the hand brake mounts. These had been torn out of the floor by some muppet, so I needed to get my weld on and stick some metal glue on it.

Now, I warn you, I have never welded with electricity before, and although I am enrolled in a welding course, that doesn’t start until next month. I couldn’t wait that long to get this little zap of a repair done, so I cracked on anyway.

The first issue I had to deal with was using the dreaded flux core wire. I didn’t want to get a gas bottle yet, so chose this for the task. I know its frowned upon by many, but it seems to have worked (just) for this task.

Another issue was that despite having watched many YouTube videos I didn’t initially get the welder settings right, so I think I didn’t give it enough power right off the bat. This meant I got some nice blobby rubbish that didn’t really stick too well. I did crank some power into it to make it actually stick, but by then I had already made the mess.

I’m not kidding myself here, I doubt I got good penetration in the metal, so it probably wont stand up to time, but it doesn’t really matter. As long as it holds up long enough to get through the inspection I can weld it properly once I know what I’m doing.

The final result is this. I gave it a blast of zinc paint to cover the bare metal, and I wont give a close up photo 😛

It works though. I have the handle adjusted to three clicks, and it can hold the car on my steep driveway with no issue.

With that done, the carpet went down again

It’s a good feeling finally putting it back together.

The next thing to go in was the gauge cluster. Before this could go in though I had to replace the oil feed hose to oil pressure gauge. The old one was removed because it was damaged and leaking.

The new nylon cable is VERY long, so I couldn’t route it the normal way (to the left from the fitting, over the clutch housing and up to the gauge). I don’t know why its this long, surely it could have been made the correct length before having the ends fitted? I routed it around the valve cover, next to the thermostat (it’s the white pipe in the photo)

Of course nothing is easy though, so I couldn’t just screw the hose into the block. The old hose fitting used a tapered fitting to seal

The new hose requires a flat face with a fibre washer. I didn’t know this at the time so had to scramble to get an adaptor. Thankfully they are available from local Mini part suppliers, so out went the old fitting, and in went the new one with the washer

If everything goes to plan I’ll likely fit a tee there anyway to fit an oil temp gauge too, but that’s down the track.

The new hose went on easily with the right fittings

I still needed to have a loop in behind the gauges

I refitted the speedo cable, and fit the new hose to the oil pressure gauge and fit the binnacle.

And like magic, everything works.

In went the repaired drivers seat. The passengers one is still to be fixed

The carpet vacuums up well, but it’s completely buggered so will need replacing. It’ll stay for now though as carpet sets aren’t cheap.

Parts Used

OL – Oil Pressure Gauge Hose Nylon
OA – Adaptor For Oil Pressure Gauge Pipe

Please note these parts are specific to my car and may vary. Please check before ordering.

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