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Project Snicket, Tie Rod Bush Replacement

Worn bushes are no fun, and these bushes get a hard time in normal use. My Tie Rod bushes were stuffed and needed replacing.

I replaced the actual rods when I first got the car because the original ones were badly bent. At the time I didn’t have replacement bushes, they were still in transit, but they arrived shortly after the arms went in. I knew the bushes were bad, so they needed changing.

Removal of the rods is pretty simple. Two nuts and a bolt per rod. The main nut is in the front of the car behind the valance, and the small nut and bolt is attached to the lower arm. This little one is a bit of a pain, as there isn’t much space with the brake pipe and CV boot to get the bolt in and out, but it can be done with some patience and care. I used a screwdriver through the bottom of the rod to line the hole up whilst pushing down on the bolt through the top.

With the rod removed, this is the state of my bushes

Just a bit flat

This is what the bushes should look like. This is the Minispares uprated kit, with a standard rubber bush on the inside and hardened poly bush on the outside. This makes the handling more predictable under acceleration, whilst still allowing the arm to move slightly under braking, which apparently stops weaving under braking.

Refitting is easy (other than fitting the bolt), just remember to get the bushes in the right order. I also waited to tighten the large nut at the front until there was weight on the front wheels, so that the bushes would be compressed in the state they would normally be in during use.

In terms of results, there is a bit more road feel and vibration through the front, but it feels a lot more stable just driving around now. I haven’t tested in anger yet, but I suspect it will help handling. Mine must have let the wheel flop around all over the place before. It’s a simple and quick job to do, even if it’s just to replace old bushes with standard replacements (but the uprated kit is cheap enough I would recommend it).

Parts Used

C-STR627 – Tie Bar Bush Kit Road/Rally Race

Please note these parts are specific to my car and may vary. Please check before ordering.

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