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Project R53, Good Bye Mini

Well, the time finally came. After many insultingly low offers and a bit of time-wasting, the Mini is gone.

I won’t lie, it’s bittersweet. I’m kinda sad to see it go; with all the work I had done it was a great car to get into and just drive. I wouldn’t say it was overly fun or exciting, but it was punchy and easy to drive. On the flip side, I can now start looking closer at what the next project will be.

The R53 and I never really got on well together. From the start our relationship was fraught with problems; it had been neglected, run-down and I was oversold the car and paid top dollar in a market that was already at the top of its curve.

Sadly not long after I bought it the market tanked, prices dropped and instead of selling like hotcakes as they were, suddenly the market was flooded with them and most cheaper than what I was asking for mine. It didn’t matter that mine was a facelift and had had all the work done to it, it was too expensive.

In the end, I got my (reduced) asking price for the car, which means that yes I have lost money on it, but significantly less than I could have if I took any of the other offers.

So, goodbye little Mini, I hope the new owner looks after you as well as I did, and you continue to provide many thousands of KM of happy motoring.

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